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Mission Wardrobe

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Mission Wardrobe: It could also be called an Arts and Crafts Armoire and was completed in eary January 2012 it is a variation on the Arts & Crafts style armoire pictured in the main body of my website (http://jasbecker.com/styles/mission-furniture/armoire/).  Constructed of quarter-sawn white oak, it is deeper, has a different interior, is dyed (a combination of red and brown-mohogany aniline dye) and will be used in lieu of a closet in the customer’s entryway.  The bronze pulls were custom sized  by Craftsmen Hardware (http://www.craftsmenhardware.com/index.html)

3 Responses to “Mission Wardrobe”

  1. [email protected] Says:

    It is a very nice closet. I am sure there is a large space inside for the different things you want to organize.

  2. Marietta Sadlow Says:

    Has anyone used a glass to dining table ?

  3. [email protected] Says:

    I have made glass-top dining tables. Are you interested in getting one made?