Jas Becker - Cabinet Maker

Wood Species

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Wood Species used in the custom furniture made at Jas. BeckerĀ  Cabinetmaker

Birdseye Maple

  • Windsor - Spindle Bed

Curly Maple

  • Windsor - Contemporary Windsor Side Chair

Cherry Wood

  • Windsor - Contemporary Windsor Variation Chair
Ming Shaker - Desk

American - Open Back Hutch

This particular piece was designed to be built in, but by changing the design and price a bit I could do something similar as a freestanding room divider. The hutch is pictured in cherry.

Windsor - Shaker Meetinghouse Bench

Shaker Meetinghouse Bench: This reproduction was made to go in a church vestry. Built in cherry the dimensions are: 60"L x 33"H x 19"D Price - $ 3,500

Mission - Chairs

Gazelle-leg Table


  • Windsor - Shaker Meetinghouse Bench

Other Hardwood

  • Windsor - Contemporary Windsor Stools
Slant-top Desk for Seldin

Contemporary slant-top desk with pigeon holes, locking drawers and lid.

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