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Richard Bissell
Fine Woodworking
Web site: http://www.bissellwoodworking.com

Jason Breen
Web site: http://www.sover.net/~jebreen/

Joe Breznick
Breznick Woodworking
Web site: http://www.finewoodenfurniture.com

Timothy Clark
Cabinetmaker/ Chairwright
Web site: http://www.timothyclark.com

Per Courtney
New Wing Designs
Web site: http://www.newwingdesigns.com

Paul Donio
Hawkridge Furniture
Web site: http://www.hawkridgefurniture.com

Chris Ericson
Web site: http://www.moderncontemporaryfurniture.com/cericson/ericson.htm

Todd Exter
Web site: http://www.toddexter.com
William Fielding

Web site: http://www.willfielding.com
Bob Gasperetti
Web site: http://www.gasperetti.com

Dale Helms – Fine Furniture
Web site: http://www.moderncontemporaryfurniture.com/dhelms/helms.htm

Randall Henson
Handcrafted Furniture
Web site: http://www.randallhenson.com

Steve Holman -Holman Studios
Web site: http://www.holmanstudios.com

William Laberge
Web site: http://www.WilliamLaberge.com

Randy Leavitt
Freight House Woodworks
Web site: www.leavitts.us/freighthouse

Mario Messina Designer Craftsman
Web site: http://www.moderncontemporaryfurniture.com/mmessina/messina.htm

Josh Metcalf- First Edition Furniture
Web site: http://www.moderncontemporaryfurniture.com/jmetcalf/metcalf.htm

Dan Mosheim
Dorset Custom Furniture
Web site: http://www.danmosheim.com

Essential Buyers Guide
Web site: http://www.cabotcheese.com/woodproducts/

Walt Stanley
Brookside Woodworking
Web site: http://www.brooksidewoodworking.com

Rick Schneider-Vermont Custom Woodworking
Web site: http://www.moderncontemporaryfurniture.com/rschneider/schneider.htm

Charles Shackleton Furniture
Web site: http://www.shackletonthomas.com

David Spero
Vermont Windsor Chairs and Fine Furniture.
Web site: http://www.vermontwindsorchairs.com

Wilson Woodworking
Web site: http://www.wilsonwoodwork.com