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  • Ming Shaker - Oval Table
Ming Shaker - Desk

Slant-top Desk for Seldin

Contemporary slant-top desk with pigeon holes, locking drawers and lid.

Desks and Credenzas: Click on the pictures to see various styles of office furniture.  The photos include a Ming Shaker Writing Desk, a Ming Shaker Partners’ Desk with matching Credenza,  an Early American inspired Pencil-leg Table Desk,  a Contemporary Slant-top Desk,  and a Standing Desk.  The Cylinder Desk is a more recent  project.  Its mechanics  and size made it one of two most challenging projects to date.   The other most challenging was a 24 foot by 10 foot conference table.   See the amateur photos pages for more examples or contact me for amateur photos.  Here are direct links to some of the amateur photos of desks and credenzas:

Home Office Suite:  maple and bubinga case-desk and return; an article from my blog

TLB Desk: a contemporary cantilevered desk.  This was the most fun to design; sail boat back-stay adjusters keep it level.

TLB Standing Desk:  a contemporary standing desk 

Computer Desk

Ming Shaker Desk with Drawers:  another desk with Shaker and Asian details

  Some fun facts: The first Ming Shaker writing desk paid for a set of braces and its unifying arc, the detail that really makes the piece, was the dentist’s idea.   Hawaii is the home of the Cylinder Desk.  Tom, the owner of the TLB desk is 6’5″ tall and wanted a cantilevered desk so as  not to have legs interfere with his own.