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Dining Room Furniture

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Dining Room Furniture

     Here are professional pictures and, upon click-through, descriptions of Dining Room Furniture including photos of dining tables and chairs, hutches, sideboards, huntboards, and chests.  Featured are various furniture styles including my own Ming Shaker Line, colonial, transition Dutch, contemporary, and a Biedermeier inspired dining table.  See other examples on the “Amateur Photo” category of my website or check out some of these direct links: Hepplewhite Round Extension Table    Dyed Cherry Hutch    Italianate Side Chair    Olney Chair    TLB Chairs and Round Table In addition to the pictures on the website I have many snapshots of other dining room pieces I have made over the past 30 plus years.  Call 603-252-1904 or email: jim@jasbeckercom  and I will send along more images.


Projects Coming Soon

     Ming Shaker Sideboard
  • Chippendale - Huntboard
Mission - Chairs

Gazelle-leg Table

American - Open Back Hutch

This particular piece was designed to be built in, but by changing the design and price a bit I could do something similar as a freestanding room divider. The hutch is pictured in cherry.