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Custom Furniture Orders: To make furniture orders, to begin the pricing process, or to commission a new design please call. We can discuss the information we both need and then I can write up and send a formal “Proposal” along with any drawings, pictures, shipping information, etc. the project might require. If you would like to order one of the items pictured without modification then the process is quite easy; we can complete the transaction that day if you wish using some combination of phone, fax, and/or e-mail.

In all cases work is scheduled chronologically according to when I receive a deposit. Deposits for individual items are one half the purchase price with the balance being due upon delivery. For larger projects the initial deposit and payment schedule may vary; we can discuss the particulars when you call or by e-mail. Jas. Becker Cabinetmaker, Inc. accepts checks, Mastercard and Visa.

Information helpful to me when asked to design include the overall dimensions of the piece you want, and or the dimensions of the space it will occupy, along with the functional requirements. Pictures of the room and of other furniture in the room, pictures of things you like; the latter can be pictures of furniture, but need not necessarily be furniture. Architectural details, pieces of art, anything which will give me a feel for your tastes will be helpful. Make Xeroxes from books, tear pictures from magazines, or do a sketch yourself no matter how primitive. All this information makes it more likely that I will draw something you will like early on in the process.

My standard policy is to do an initial drawing, sometimes two, for free. Subsequent drawings are done for $45.00/hr with that sum being deductible from the purchase price if you order the piece drawn. I am also happy to quote prices based on plans you submit or based on pictures of items you send.  For more information on the design/ordering “process”  please click on the following link to the “Process” page of this site: http://jasbecker.com/process/