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American Reproduction Furniture: Colonial American reproduction furniture and other period American reproduction furniture pieces are pictured here.   These are items people asked me to reproduce from photos or by coping existing pieces.  Often I am asked to modify pieces to a particular size or use.  The blanket box, for example is much larger than the original; the reproduction was built to store a prayer rug collection. Please take a look at the “Amateur Photo” category of my website where you will find snapshot examples of many more of the American Reproduction Furniture pieces crafted at Jas. Becker Cabinetmaker.  Here follow a few example links:

William and Mary Style Hutch

William and Mary Hutch side view




American - Open Back Hutch

This particular piece was designed to be built in, but by changing the design and price a bit I could do something similar as a freestanding room divider. The hutch is pictured in cherry.

Sleigh Bed and Suite

Sleigh bed, Seven Drawer Low Chest, Lingerie Chest and two small Three Drawer Chests used as Nightstands