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Over the past two years I have made quite a few benches, mostly my Bowback Benches, but also Shaker Meeting House Benches.   The Bowback (Contemporary Windsor) Benches have included my standard in cherry with ash spindles and figured maple legs:

Contemporary Windsor Bench

Several of the benches have been new variations on the theme, including a white oak Contemporary Windsor Bench with ash spindles:                   


I also made an oak bench with dark mission oak stain:


I happen to have two new slabs of wood, a 20 inch wide piece of cherry suitable for an eight foot long Contemporary Windsor Bench and a wide piece of walnut  big enough for a 6 foot Bowback Bench.  These pieces are special due to the width; usually I glue two pieces of wood together to make the seats.  These pieces of wood will make one-piece seats.  Here, along with a smaller bench and a chair,  is a photo of the last six foot Walnut Contemporary Windsor Bench that I made:

I’ve had a photo of a 5 foot Shaker Meeting House Bench, that I made, on my website for 25 years without an order until this year when I got two orders in a two week period.  One was just like the original in cherry with ash spindles:

The other went through two iterations, both adding a splash of color to the bench collection:

Chartreuse and Orange Shaker Meeting House Benches

I also made one other Contemporary Windsor Bench out of ash but dyed walnut brown:

Please keep the orders coming; increase the variety!


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