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Ming Shaker Furniture: This is my own shaker inspired style first developed when a friend asked for a set of nesting tables.  I took simple tapered legs and added a frame and panel top ( the original was actually a frame in frame in frame with a small panel in the middle) with the quarter-round over/under top edge detail common to some Ming furniture design.   When I submitted a set of the nesting tables to the League of N.H. Craftsmen jury as part of the process to gain membership, one of the judges took a look and declared them to be Ming Shaker Style.   I adopted the name for this small but expanding line of furniture.  The Ming Shaker Line has become some of my most popular furniture.   Here are some links to amateur photos of other examples of my Ming Shaker Furniture: Ming Shaker Night Table    Ming Shaker Desk   Don’s Desk for an iMac

I also make Shaker Reproduction Furniture.  Call or email and I will send snapshots of many examples.

  • Ming Shaker - Bookcase Credenza