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Boardroom Table Birdseye Maple Veneered

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Conference Table:  This birdseye-maple-veneered conference table measures 24 feet long and 10 feet across at the center of the  bowed sides.  It seats twenty people sitting in thirty inch wide executive chairs.  Eight chairs fit down each side, with two more at either 5 foot wide end. The veneer is book-matched both across and end to end.   Master Metal Works of S. El Monte, CA  built the stainless steel base to my specifications; unfortunately Master Metal Works has closed after 80 plus years in business.

The top breaks down into seven sections in order to fit in an elevator.  The seven veneered sections have a 1″ thick laminated maple edge.  Each  veneered section has a core made of 1″ maple plywood sandwiched between sheets of 1/2″ lightweight MDF.  I cut 24″ x 36″ from the centers of the seven maple plywood cores and filled them with epoxy impregnated corrugated cardboard to reduce weight.  

Beneath the conference table top are three trays to support electronic gear and cordage.  Over each tray is a wire routing “Grommet” allowing wiring to teleconference and media charging equipment on top of the table.  

An oval dining table made using the same techniques can be seen at the following link: http://jasbecker.com/styles/biedermeier-furniture/biedermeier-dining-table/