Jas Becker - Cabinet Maker


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“Your bench arrived this morning.  We placed it in our front foyer, and it looked as thought the home had been designed around it.  Thank you for so carefully crafting it.”

“Thank you Jim.  The desk and table are beautiful.”

“My spouse and I could not be more pleased with your workmanship, nor with the ease of delivery via Gus of our new bowback bench, the first piece of furniture we have purchased in twenty-five years.   Our other furniture is hand made, as we have a number of woodworkers in our area who make furniture as you do, but we could never have designed a bench as lovely as this new bench.”

“I’ve now lived with my furniture for a little over a month and I love it.  I continue to marvel at the workmanship and care that went into each piece.  Visitors have also commented favorably, indeed, complimented me on my choice and your work.  The interior decorator also was most favorably impressed with the workmanship.”