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CONTEMPORARY  WINDSOR CHAIRS, BENCHES and STOOLS: 2019 was all about Contemporary Windsor Chairs, Benches, and Stools.  I shipped 14 Contemporary Windsor Side Chairs, 10 Contemporary Windsor Arm Chairs, 3 Contemporary Windsor Benches,  4 Contemporary Windsor Low-back Stools, 3 Contemporary Windsor Low-back Swivel Stools and I took orders for an additional 4 Walnut and Ash Contemporary Windsor Side Chairs, another of my Contemporary Windsor Bowback Benches in Hickory and finally the Custom Hall Bench (pictured below) that is sitting in the shop right now: March of 2020.  18 of the chairs were ordered by one decorator  from my own state of Vermont, but the rest of the sales came from 7 different clients spread out across the country.   Here follow pictures of the various projects along with links to the items on my website.  Please click on the links above to go to my web-page for that particular item or click on the thumbnails below to see a larger (complete) picture.  If you click on the Arm Chair link above you will see a picture of the other variation of this chair with canted arms.  In the photo(s) below you will see the arm chair with arms parallel to the seat.

     Finally please note that there are two pages of thumbnails; if you scroll down to the bottom of the first page you will see small numbers 1>2 and clicking on the 2 will take you to the second page.

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